Stuff you can buy and prices at bottom

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Stuff you can buy and prices at bottom

Post by Pain on Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:56 am

#1 10 POINTS
#2 70 POINTS
#3 30 POINTS
#4 20 POINTS
#5 15 POINTS
#6 14 POINTS
#7 25 POINTS
#8 42 POINTS
#9 60 POINTS
#10 72 POINTS
#11 90 POINTS

Other Items

  • Buy 1 regular price and get one free DEAL 60 POINTS
  • free reminder (useful if your not sure of the site and you might get warned you will get a free reminder out of trouble* 15 POINTS
  • Sell a item of half it's price 30 POINTS
  • Buy 1 regular price get 1 free deal 15 POINTS
  • Chatbox mod 100 POINTS
The Official
More Shop Items

Here, you are capable of purchasing your own items from the shop with your Points.


Affiliate with Administrator's Area
50 Points
VIP Access
Become a special VIP
100 Points
Custom Rank
Have a custom rank made with an image
600 Points
Have your own signature
400 Points

Note Be acknowledged that if you use your item inappropriately, © Administrator's Area has the right to remove your items.

Prices may change at any time with or without notice

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